Augustine Hacques and Raphaëlle Girardin, the duo behind Middle Visions, are two young women aspiring to create art with an impact. 
On their journey to explore the documentary medium, they established themselves as filmmakers by co-directing their first short documentary: “Under the Spell”.
They are currently working on their second documentary called "Illuminating Echoes". The filming will finish in August. The release is expected in September 2024. 
Augustine is a human rights professional who believes in Art as Activism. She views storytelling as a means to bring forth marginalized narratives and challenge the status quo. Passionate about documentary and fiction filmmaking, she likes to play with magical realism, folk tales, and experimental formats. Augustine strives to use film as a conveyer for untold stories to echo our own histories, choices, and imagined fortunes.
Raphaëlle is a fashion photographer with a keen eye for bold aesthetics. Raw, and at times provocative, she likes to capture her subjects in analog. Her curiosity and interest in using visual stories as a means to investigate subversive narratives motivated her documentary filmmaking productions. Working with brands, magazines, and fashion shows, she uniquely innovates through both her professional and artistic endeavors. @augustine_hacques @raphaelle_girardin

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